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ACH Registration Form – Click here to complete the ACH Registration form
Creating a Personal Account – Click here to create your personal account
Establish Representatives of the Corporate E-account – Click here to Login and establish personal account(s) as Corporate E-account representatives
On-Line UCC Login – Click here to begin filing UCC documents on line
1.      STEP 1 - Establishing a Corporate E-account with the Secretary of State
On-line filings require you first establish a Corporate E-account with the Secretary of State.  The Corporate E-account will be an ACH (Automated Clearing House) account.  When your users complete and submit filings, we will debit the filing fee(s) from your designated bank account that was established via an ACH Registration Form to pay your on-line filing fee(s).
ACH REGISTRATION FORM  - Click here to fill out the ACH Registration Form, print the form, then sign and mail to the address shown at the bottom of the form.  This form must have an original signature of the agent/representative who will be responsible for your Corporate E-account.
Once the ACH form has been received, the Secretary of State will set up your Corporate E-account on our system and will generate a Corporate E-account user name and password that will be sent via e-mail to the agent/representative. 
We will process your ACH Registration Form application and assign your Corporate E-account as quickly as possible.  Once the Corporate E-account has been established, we will send a pre-note through our bank with your bank routing and account number.  This pre-note process takes approximately seven (7) business days to complete. An E-mail will be sent to your agent/representative advising of the user name, password, and the date on-line filings may begin.
2.      Step 2 - Creating a Personal Account
All employees who file documents must establish a Personal Account prior to being established as a Corporate E-account representative.  After the Corporate Account has been processed and approved by the Secretary of State; the agent/representative will log on and will authorize and create the list of employee Personal Accounts who will have purchasing rights to bill filings to the Corporate Account. 
CREATE PERSONAL ACCOUNT – Click here to create a Personal Account.  To create a Personal Account, you must enter a user name, password, and entity information including account name, business address, telephone number, and e-mail address. 
NOTE:  Once the Personal Account is created, you cannot begin filing until the Corporate E-account establishes your personal account as a Corporate E-account representative.  If you (the user) create the personal account, you will need to share your username and password with the agent/representative so the agent may establish your account as a corporate efiling representative.
3.      Step 3 - Establishing the Personal Account as a Corporate E-account Representative
The Corporate E-Account may establish multiple Personal Accounts as filers for them.  Once the Personal Accounts are established as Corporate E-account representatives, on-line filing may begin and will be charged against the Corporate ACH Bank Account.
To establish a Personal Account(s) as a Corporate E-Account representative, perform the following steps:
  1. LOGIN - Click here to login.
  2. Log onto the on-line system using the Corporate E-account user name and password that was provided to the agent/representative via e-mail.
  3. From the menu bar on the left, select My Profile, Manage My Representatives.
  4. Type the Personal Account user name exactly as it was created in the box labeled Login of Representative to Add.
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. You should see that Personal Account user’s name reflected as a representative of your Corporate E-account.

4.      Begin Filing UCC Documents
If you have completed steps 1-3 for all persons who are authorized to file against your Corporate E-Account, you are ready to begin filing. 
BEGIN FILING – Click here to begin filing. At this screen you will enter the Personal Account user name and password that was assigned to you.
If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Uniform Commercial Code Office at (505) 827-3600. 

Creating New Personal Account
  1. Within the Secretary of State UCC web site, click the On-Line link located at top under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) heading.
  2. Click the Creating a Personal Account link.
  3. Enter your User Name. (maximum of 20 characters, minimum of 5 characters)
  4. Enter your Password. (maximum of 20 characters, minimum of 5 characters)
  5. Enter your Password again to verify.
  6. Click the Continue button.
  7. Complete the Entity Information page.
  8. Click the Continue button.
  9. Your personal account registration is complete! An email has been sent to you confirming your registration. Once you are established as a corporate E-account representative, you will be able to proceed with online filings.

To Change your Password
  1. Logon with the username and password provided to you by the corporate representative.
  2. Go to My Profile.
  3. Choose Edit My Information.
  4. Enter the current password.
  5. Enter the new password. (maximum of 20 characters and minimum of 5 characters).
  6. Reenter the new password again to verify.

Procedures for Logon to E-Filing

  1. From your IT browser, launch the Secretary of State UCC web site.
  2. Click the On-Line link located at top under the heading. This will take you to the On-line Uniform Commercial Code Filing page.
  3. Click the On-Line UCC Login link.
  4. Enter your user name.
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Click the Login button or you may press the Enter key.

Note: If you wish to change your password, after you have logged in, using the menu button on left, go to My Profile, Edit My Information.
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